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Emily Dorjath

Chief of Staff

I grew up in west suburban Batavia, the middle child and only girl in my family.  From the time I was a small child I always was drawn to animals and wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as I can remember.  I was always an active person, playing sports, participating in local community activities and more.  I also worked part time for a local veterinarian, watching and absorbing all that I could.  Back at home our house was always filled with dogs, some our own and others who we were fostering as they waited for their forever home.  This is where my compassion for animals just grew stronger and stronger.

I attended Beloit College in Wisconsin, playing collegiate softball while earning a Biology degree in anticipation of veterinary school.  I attended the University of Minnesota veterinary school immediately after completing my undergraduate degree.  At Minnesota I headed up a program providing veterinary care to low income families in Minneapolis. I loved my veterinary school experience and was certain that the career in front of me would be meaningful and provide a positive impact for families and their pets.

After veterinary school I have worked at a few small animal clinics, where my duties and responsibilities were extremely varied but I found myself always drawn to end of life care and helping owners through the most difficult part of pet ownership.  During these hardest times, I have found some of the deepest connections with both the clients and the pets.  It is truly an honor to be a part of this moment and being able to bring peace to the pets while at home where they feel safe and loved, surrounded by their family.  

Outside of veterinary work I enjoy the outdoors, including hiking and camping with my own dogs, Cooper and Frankin.  I also continue to provide a foster home for dogs without a place to call forever yet.  I am involved in local women's sports leagues as well and like to stay active as much as possible. You may see an orange kitty behind the reception desk. His name is Rooster and he is my disabled loving partial clinic cat. 

Emily Dorjath